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eCommerce Park rests on the central hub of the ARCOS fiber-optic ring network that was recently completed in the Caribbean and is the only facility that allows companies to take advantage of special E-Zone tax incentives.



Real Solutions for Virtual business
E-Commerce Park is the preferred location for setting up your e-business. Situated in the government appointed eZone, the Internet Data Center, with its own 24/7 Network Operation Center and on-site office facilities, offer a reliable solution in a secure and state-of-the-art environment.

EcommerceThe Internet Data Center for equipment co-location is located adjacent to the fiber landing points in Curaçao.

The E-Commerce park Data Center has redundant Gigabit backhaul connections to the marine fiber cable heads in Curaçao.

The Internet connections to Curaçao have recently been upgraded to 3 (three) separate STM-1 (155 Mbps) routes via multiple marine fiber cables. To assure redundant Internet connectivity, E-Commerce Park can route the traffic via these multiple paths on the ARCOS-ring network (New World Network), and the Americas-II fiber cable system (United Telecom Services) to the Network Access Points located in the USA, with backhaul contracts and a proprietary ring network interconnecting the IP POP's in Miami, Boca Raton and North Miami Beach.

The facilities are completely secured in a fully climate controlled co-location area that requires biometric ID-verification for access throughout the building. Secured 19" APC cabinets stand in High Security area, with escorted access and video monitoring. This area is monitored by VESDA fire-detection systems and protected by an Inergen fire suppression system. The power distribution is through redundant APC UPS systems (InfraStruXure family), with dual backup diesel generators.

EcommerceThe Network Operations Center (E-NOC) provides guaranteed service levels, proactively monitoring your ebusiness environment 24/7, and 365 days a year. This round the clock monitoring together with management of firewalls, authentication, Virtual Private Networks and intrusion detection systems ensure results you can count on. The trained staff at the E-NOC provides assistance in back up and restoration of data, hardware maintenance, installations and advanced troubleshooting.

EcommerceThe E-Commerce Park Office Building offers over 2,700 square meters of office space providing an ideal home for everything from call centers to fully furnished executive offices. Facilities at E-Commerce Park include VoIP telephone and office equipment services, handling of deliveries and reception services, 24/7 security, daily cleaning and building maintenance. The E-Commerce Park Office Building takes the troubles away from setting up office and getting down to business.

The E-Zone Advantage: Setting up business in E-Commerce Park has great tax advantages. A company doing business from E-Commerce Park is entitled to obtain E-Zone status and thus take full benefit of the tax incentives under this legislation, such as On-shore status with 2% profit tax obligation until January 1, 2026. No import duties or turnover tax due for goods and services necessary to conduct the business. Expatriate tax rulings are available for staff from abroad.

Contact E-Commerce Park for more information, or send in a Service Request Form to get an indication of the costs involved in setting up shop in the only place where "don't worry be happy" has a SLA attached to it.