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Curaçao provides the ideal environment for the gaming industry. With forward-thinking government initiatives that offer favorable tax and business incentives.

Curaçao has provided the ideal environment for the gaming industry for over thirty years and Ecommerce@Curacao leads the way in the provision of intelligent solutions for existing and start-up gaming operations looking to avail themselves of the many advantages Curacao has to offer.

Ecommerce@Curaçao is a joint effort of three leading companies on Curaçao that strive to bring together best practices and make them available through a coordinated effort.

The Ecommerce@Curacao partnership can assist your online company with its corporate set-up, securing all required gaming licenses and permits, all required state of the art technical facilities and provide you with secure e-payment solutions.

Curaçao is one of the top business-centers in the Caribbean. Its economy has been based upon commerce and trade since the sixteenth century. The Island has since time served as the commercial hub between Latin America, the United States and Europe. It also has a developed, sophisticated business support sector in other disciplines, including international banking, consulting, marketing, training, education, information and communication technology and trade.

In 2001 tax incentives were introduced especially for companies that conduct their business over the Internet and establish themselves in the economic zones located on Curaçao. For e-Commerce companies who establish themselves in these E-Zones a 0% turnover tax and 2% profit tax is applicable.

The Netherlands Antilles is an integral part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and therefore offers investors strong political stability. It also offers economic, financial and social stability. Its currency is the Netherlands Antilles guilder (ANG) which has been fixed to the U.S. dollar since 1971. The island is located just off the coast of Venezuela, and lies outside the so-called Caribbean hurricane belt.